Paid advertising strategies to promote a new website


List Your Products with Shopping Comparison Bots and Auction Sites
Buy a Text Ad in E-Mail Newsletter
Begin an Affiliate Program
Purchase Pay Per Click (PPC) ads
List Your Products




Shopping bots compare your products and prices to others. Google's Froogle ( is free, so be sure to list your products there. A Froogle listing also helps your product page's ranking on Google.Some work on a PPC basis: mySimon (, BizRate (, PriceGrabber (, and ( Others expect a commission on the sale and sometimes a listing fee, especially sales systems that host the merchant. These include eBay (, Yahoo! Shopping Auctions
(, Amazon zShops, Marketplace, and Auctions (, and Yahoo! Shopping ( You pay to acquire first-time customers, but hopefully you can sell to them a second, third, and fourth time, too.

We certainly haven't exhausted ways to promote your site, but these will get you started. To effectively market your site, you need to
spend some time adapting these strategies to your own market and capacity.