Human Face Recognition

Graceful Degradation


Graceful Degradation:       

                  One of the benefits of correlation filters is the graceful degradation they offer because of the integrative nature of the matching operation as seen in (1). If some of the pixels are occluded, they simply do not contribute to the correlation peak, thus decreasing the overall peak. However, no single pixel in the image domain is critical in that recognition can be still carried out successfully. This is illustrated in Fig. 5. The left half of the figure shows an authentic nontraining image, with part of the face image completely blocked, and the right half shows the resulting correlation output that exhibits a very discernible peak. Note that the filter was designed from full images. It is clear that the correlation peak is degraded in that the resulting PSR is only 30.6 but still high enough to verify the subjectís identity. This tolerance to image occlusions is in contrast to many image-domain (also called space-domain) methods that first locate the two eyes and then center and normalize the input image, prior to computing features.







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