C Tutorial Euclid's Algorithm in C
The C Language
C History
Euclid’s Algorithm in C

Euclid on the PDP-11
Pieces of C
C Types
Struct bit-fields
Code generated by bit fields
C Unions
Layout of Records and Unions
C Storage Classes
malloc() and free()
Dynamic Storage Allocation
Simple Dynamic Storage Allocation
malloc() and free() variants
Fragmentation and Handles
Automatic Garbage Collection
Lazy Logical Operators
The Switch Statement
setjmp/longjmp: Sloppy exceptions
Nondeterminism in C




Line 1: int gcd(int m, int n ) 


 Line2:              int r; 

            while ((r = m % n) != 0)

          m = n; 

          n = r; 


           return n; 



Line 1:“New syle” function
declaration lists number and type of arguments. Originally only listed return type. Generated code did not care how many arguments were actually passed,
and everything was a word. Arguments are call-by-value

Line2:Automatic variable Allocated on stack when function entered, released on return Parameters & automatic variables accessed via frame pointer
,Other temporaries also stacked


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