C Tutorial C Storage classes
The C Language
C History
Euclid’s Algorithm in C
Euclid on the PDP-11
Pieces of C
C Types
Struct bit-fields
Code generated by bit fields
C Unions
Layout of Records and Unions
C Storage Classes

malloc() and free()
Dynamic Storage Allocation
Simple Dynamic Storage Allocation
malloc() and free() variants
Fragmentation and Handles
Automatic Garbage Collection
Lazy Logical Operators
The Switch Statment
setjmp/longjmp: Sloppy exceptions
Nondeterminism in C





C Storage Classes

/* fixed address: visible to other files */ 

int global static;

/* fixed address: only visible within file */

static int file static;

/* parameters always stacked */

int foo(int auto param)

/* fixed address: only visible to function*/

static int func static;

/* stacked: only visible to function */

nt auto i, auto a[10];

/* array explicitly allocated on heap (pointer stacked) */

double *auto d =malloc(sizeof(double)*5); 

/* return value passed in register or stack */

return auto i;



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