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How Much is Your Current Car Worth 

Using online tools it is much easier to get a good idea of how much your trade in is worth Ė check out the following sites (why not use all three Ė theyíre free) for a value on your used car: 


We suggest you not only use the sites listed below but that also refer to used car sites such asAutoTrader and eBay Motors to assess how cars similar to yours are priced.


 Disposal Strategies 

We would suggest that you try selling your present car yourself unless you either donít care whether you lose money on the deal and/or you simply donít have the time or inclination. Women may wish to think very seriously about whether or not they want to attempt to sell their car privately as it may expose their contact information and address to strangers. If you can locate the car at a friendís house rather than at your house that may be a possible solution.


You can list your car online with any of the sites listed on our Used Classifieds Scorecard page. You can also, of course, list your car in the traditional outlets such as newspaper classifieds or by simply putting it on your front lawn and putting a For Sale sign on it.


If you decide to sell your trade-in to the dealership that is selling you a new car go prepared with all the valuation information you can find and be ready to bargain HARD. If you manage to get the lowest value shown online for your car you will have done well.


Finally, if your car is simply such a wreck that no one will pay anything for it consider donating it to a charity Ė learn more at