Buying a car online - A guide


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Once you have five cars picked out go to any one (or as many as you'd like to use) of the Car Comparison Tools listed on our Car Comparison Tools page.


Obviously you will first compare characteristics displayed (i.e. cost, features, fuel economy) to assess each car’s suitability. But if you are having trouble choosing between similar cars try this exercise – on a piece of paper list your top five wants in a car and your top five ‘don’t wants’ (an example is below). Then use this list to score each car on your top five list. This may help you choose between very similarly equipped cars.



Don’t Wants

Fuel economy > 27 mpg

Wheelbase greater than 120”

Side airbags

Cargo volume < 11 cubic feet

Manual transmission version available

Trunk mounted CD player

Sunroof option available

Total weight of more than 2,300 lbs

Available in mustard yellow

Maximum front leg room of < 40 inches



Table II