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A test drive can be used to not only assess your chosen car for suitability but also to get a feel for the different dealerships and salespeople in your area.


Enlist a friend to go with you and drive the same car at two or three different dealerships if possible. Do two drives yourself (driving) and two as a passenger. Remember to check out both front and back seats from a passenger point of view.


Each drive should last about twenty minutes and should allow you to test acceleration and handling on both flat and hilly terrain. Test parking and abrupt cornering. If youre lucky perhaps it will be raining and you can see how the car handles on a wet road.


Here are a few sites that offer good tips on how to get the most out of a test drive: The Secrets of a Test Drive

Edmunds How to Test Drive a Car



Intellichoice Test Drive Like a Pro



Record your impressions during the test drive by dictating them to your friend or making notes immediately after the test drive finishes (if alone). Add your test drive notes to the appropriate car subsection in your binder.