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There are many approaches to selling your old car and you should pick those that work most effectively for your location and type of car. If you live in a small, rural town with little Internet penetration you are probably not best served by using online classifieds. However if you live in an urban center with high Internet penetration or have a collectable car, the online classifieds may be perfect for you.


Keep in mind too that if you are female you need to be careful about selling your car. If you live alone consider locating your car at the home of a male friend rather than having people learn where you live. No matter whether you live alone or not, arrange viewing times so that there will be others around when people come to look at the vehicle. 

Online Classifieds 

Give ads to online classifieds


Offline Classifieds 

Many of the traditional classified-type car selling productions now offer online versions as well ó

taking out an ad in the print version will get you an ad online (and vice versa) but this is not always the case. So youíll want to check out that option when you look for a place to list your car. There will also be small, local newspapers that will not have an online version and these can be cost-effective if theyíre well-known for car classifieds in the community and have sufficient circulation.


There are also all the traditional ways to advertise your car from parking it in your driveway with a Ďfor saleí sign on the dash to posting a notice on local bulletin boards (but not on telephone poles Ėthatís against the law in most places). 


While selling a car through a dealership is going to get you the least proportion of the carís value,  it may be worthwhile if you simply donít want the headache of selling the car yourself. Learn what your used car is worth and haggle hard for the best trade-in price you can get. Good luck!