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Buying a Car in the 21st Century
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Once you’ve got your new car home you have two goals – to get as much use for the least money out of your car as possible and to preserve as much resale value as you can.


To this end buy yourself a pocket calendar, hard-cover notebook and 3-inch binder. The pocket calendar will go in the glove compartment and be used to track service appointments. Use the hard- cover notebook to track gasoline expenditures and mileage (keep both the pocket calendar and notebook in a zip lock plastic bag in the glove compartment). Use the 3-inch binder to keep photocopies of all original receipts and manuals associated with the car.


Research new car maintenance – especially as it pertains to your particular car – and make a schedule in the pocket calendar for any recommended servicing or tasks (such as washing, fluid replacement or seasonal preparations).