Buying a car online - A guide


Buy used or new car

How much can you afford to buy a car
Buy a new or used car



For most people the choice of whether to buy new or used is simply a budgetary choice. New cars are simply so much more expensive than used Ė for example a 2006 Honda Civic coupe has an MSRP of around $14,400 while a 2003 Honda Civic coupe, similarly equipped and with less than 20,000 miles on it can be found for around $11,000.


Also new car prices are much more influenced by consumer demand. If a car is popular and in limited supply youíre not going to be able to get it for anywhere near MSRP and even when you pay more you may be looking at a long wait before itís available.


Although this situation also applies to used cars with certain brands and models being popular and fetching premium prices the market is not as heavily influenced by consumer demand as the new

car market.


Another consideration between new and used is insurance costs. New cars are favorite targets for car thieves  and because of this insurance rates can be exorbitant for some makes and models


There also comes a point in many peopleís lives when it makes economic sense to go with a new car because the old one has become too costly to maintain, too inefficient to run or simply too unreliable.