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The ads on television make financing your car seem pretty straightforward. After all what could be easier to understand than 0%? What you must realize however is that zero percent is only for people with exemplary credit. Some experts also feel that by agreeing to take manufacturer financing deals you may be obliged to pay the sticker price (usually MSRP) with no opportunity to haggle. The writer of this article disagrees with that premise Ė give the article a read over, itís got great advice. Either way Ė if you donít have great credit or you want to be able to haggle, keep reading.


Probably the best advice we can give is to have financing in place before you shop. Whether you buy online through an upfront pricing outfit or a quote request site, you can bring your own financing to the deal and make sure that you donít end up spending more money than you can afford.


Start your search for financing at your local bank or credit union. Remember you may have equity in your home that you can borrow against via a line of credit.