Evolution of cryptography


Encryption and decryption

Data Encryption Standard

Public key cryptography

Symmetric key Cryptography





Keeping secrets is not easy, people are always eager to spread secrets. In early days of computing(1950-1960),there was not a great deal of emphasis on security, because systems were then closed. The protocols used for computer to computer communication were unknown to general public. So, the chance of accessing others’ information was limited. As the microcomputers evolved in 1970-1980, the issue of information security started to gain more prominence. This continued till the early 1990s.It was the internet that changed the total scenario and brought a tremendous change in the field of security. It opened up enormous opportunities for new threats and possible attacks on information. As the technologists found new ways to thwart attacks, the attackers also found new ways to beat the technologists. That is why proper security during information exchange has become a crucial issue leading to the growth of several encryption & decryption techniques ..i.e. cryptography. Cryptography is the art and science of achieving security by encoding messages to make them non-readable. Cyptanalysis is the technique of decoding messages from a non-readable format to readable format without knowing that how it was initially converted. Cryptology is the combination of these two.


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