CMOS Introduction
CMOS Amplifier
Amplifier characteristics
Output dynamic range
Bandwidth and rise time
Settling time and aberrations
Slew rate
Electronic amplifiers
Two-Stage Amplifier
Design  Of  OP-AMP
Design Of Two Stage OP-AMP

Efficiency is a measure of how much of the input power is usefully applied to the amplifier's output. Class A amplifiers are very inefficient, in the range of 1020% with a max efficiency of 25%. Class B amplifiers have a very high efficiency but are impractical because of high levels of distortion. In practical design, the result of a tradeoff is the class AB design. Modern Class AB amps are commonly between 3555% efficient with a theoretical maximum of 78.5%. Commercially available Class D switching amplifiers have reported efficiencies as high as 97%. The efficiency of the amplifier limits the amount of total power output that is usefully available.



















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