C Tutorial header file vs c file
Multiple Files
foo.h vs foo.c

Multiple #includes -- #pragma once



foo.h vs foo.c

The universally followed convention for C is that for a file named "foo.c" containing a

bunch of functions...


     A separate file named foo.h will contain the prototypes for the functions in foo.c

which clients may want to call. Functions in foo.c which are for "internal use

only" and should never be called by clients should be declared static.


     Near the top of foo.c will be the following line which ensures that the function definitions in foo.c see the prototypes in foo.h which ensures the "prototype before definition" rule above.

#include "foo.h"   // show the contents of "foo.h"

// to the compiler at this point


     Any xxx.c file which wishes to call a function defined in foo.c must include the following line to see the prototypes, ensuring the "clients must see prototypes" rule above.

#include "foo.h"

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