C Tutorial Standard library functions
Standard Library Functions





Many basic housekeeping funcions are available to a C program in form of standard

library functions. To call these, a program must #include the appropriate .h file. Most

compilers link in the standard library code by default. The functions listed in the next

section are the most commonly used ones, but there are many more which are not listed



stdio.h        file input and output ctype.h       character tests string.h       string operations

math.h        mathematical functions such as sin() and cos() stdlib.h       utility functions such as malloc() and rand() assert.h      the assert() debugging macro

stdarg.h      support for functions with variable numbers of arguments setjmp.h      support for non-local flow control jumps

signal.h       support for exceptional condition signals time.h         date and time

limits.h, float.h         constants which define type range values such as INT_MAX


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