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void is a type formalized in ANSI C which means "nothing". To indicate that a function does not return anything, use void as the return type. Also, by convention, a pointer
which does not point to any particular type is declared as void*. Sometimes void* is used to force two bodies of code to not depend on each other where void* translates roughly to "this points to something, but I'm not telling you (the client) the type of the
pointee exactly because you do not really need to know." If a function does not take any parameters, its parameter list is empty, or it can contain the keyword void but that style
is now out of favor.

void TakesAnIntAndReturnsNothing(int anInt);

int TakesNothingAndReturnsAnInt();
int TakesNothingAndReturnsAnInt(void); // equivalent syntax for above

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