C Tutorial Dynamic arrays
Advanced C Arrays
Plus Syntax
Pointer Style and strcpy()
Pointer Type Effects
Arrays and Pointers
Array Names Are Const
Heap Memory
Memory Management
Dynamic Arrays
Advantages of being in the heap
Disadvantages of being in the heap
Dynamic Strings



Since arrays are just contiguous areas of bytes, you can allocate your own arrays in the

heap using malloc(). The following code allocates two arrays of 1000 ints-- one in the

stack the usual "local" way, and one in the heap using malloc(). Other than the different

allocations, the two are syntactically similar in use.



int a[1000];


int *b;

b = (int*) malloc( sizeof(int) * 1000);

assert(b != NULL);      // check that the allocation succeeded


a[123] = 13;      // Just use good ol' [] to access elements b[123] = 13;               // in both arrays.






Although both arrays can be accessed with [ ], the rules for their maintenance are very


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