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In addition to the plain = operator, C includes many shorthand operators which represents

variations on the basic =. For example "+=" adds the right hand side to the left hand side.

x = x + 10; can be reduced to x += 10;. This is most useful if x is a long expression such as the following, and in some cases it may run a little faster.


person->relatives.mom.numChildren += 2;      // increase children by 2



Here's the list of assignment shorthand operators...


+=, -= Increment or decrement by RHS


*=, /= Multiply or divide by RHS


%=     Mod by RHS


>>=    Bitwise right shift by RHS (divide by power of 2)


<<=    Bitwise left shift RHS (multiply by power of 2)


&=, |=, ^=  Bitwise and, or, xor by RHS

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