C Tutorial Logical operators
Introduction to C language
Integer types
Char constants
Int constants
Type combination and promotion
Int overflow
Floating point types
Assignment operator
Int vs float arithmatic
Mathematical operators
Unary Increment Operators
Pre and Post Variations
C Programming Cleverness and Ego Issues
Relational Operators
Logical Operators
Bitwise Operators
Other Assignment Operators





The value 0 is false, anything else is true. The operators evaluate left to right and stop as

soon as the truth or falsity of the expression can be deduced. (Such operators are called

"short circuiting") In ANSI C, these are furthermore guaranteed to use 1 to represent true,

and not just some random non-zero bit pattern. However, there are many C programs out

there which use values other than 1 for true (non-zero pointers for example), so when

programming, do not assume that a true boolean is necessarily 1 exactly.


!      Boolean not (unary)


&&     Boolean and


||     Boolean or

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