C Tutorial Comments
Introduction to C language
Integer types
Char constants
Int constants
Type combination and promotion
Int overflow
Floating point types
Assignment operator
Int vs float arithmatic
Mathematical operators
Unary Increment Operators
Pre and Post Variations
C Programming Cleverness and Ego Issues
Relational Operators
Logical Operators
Bitwise Operators
Other Assignment Operators





Comments in C are enclosed by  slash/star pairs: /* .. comments .. */ which

may cross multiple lines. C++ introduced a form of comment started by two slashes and

extending to the end of the line: // comment until the line end

The // comment form is so handy that many C compilers now also support it, although it

is not technically part of the C language.


Along with well-chosen function names, comments are an important part of well written code. Comments should not just repeat what the code says. Comments should describe what the code accomplishes which is much more interesting than a translation of what

each statement does. Comments should also narrate what is tricky or non-obvious about a section of code.

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