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C Programming Cleverness and Ego Issues
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Relying on the difference between the pre and post variations of these operators is a

classic area of C programmer ego showmanship. The syntax is a little tricky. It makes the

code a little shorter. These qualities drive some C programmers to show off how clever

they are. C invites this sort of thing since the language has many areas (this is just one

example) where the programmer can get a complex effect using a code which is short and



If I want j to depend on i's value before the increment, I write...


j = (i + 10);




Or if I want to j to use the value after the increment, I write...



j = (i + 10);



Now then, isn't that nicer? (editorial) Build programs that do something cool rather than programs which flex the language's syntax. Syntax -- who cares?

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